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About GSC

Global Learning Environment

  • “All classes will be taught in Chinese or English.”

    Students will be exposed to international environment while classes being taught in Chinese or English.
    SKK GSC provides students with Chinese language course to make them reach higher level of Chinese proficiency before they start to study in China. All the faculty members of SKK GSC speak either Chinese or English as their mother tongue and frequently communicate with students in international languages.
  • “Global Zone”

    International Hall, where SKK GSC is located, is designated as `Global Zone` on campus, thus all members in the building use foreign languages.
    SKK GSC provides international atmosphere while foreign students from all over the world get along together.
    All classes are held in International Hall and SKK GSC provides better educational environment with high-tech classroom, seminar room, reading room, laboratory, etc.
  • “Flipped Class”

    SKK GSC adopted “Flipped Class” which is the advanced teaching method delivering theories and concepts through on-line lecture and proceeding discussion and team activities during off-line class.