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About GSC


The school’s world-class facilities are impressive, comfortable, and technologically advanced.

Wi-Fi is available at all places in the campus from the cafeteria to the conference hall, providing students with an easily accessible high-speed connection to the school’s information network and databases.

SKK GSC also has administration office and research space in Shanghai.


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SEOUL : Sungkyunkwan University

nternational Hall is the main lecture hall for the Graduate School of China (GSC), which is an 8-story building and a symbol of the University’s pursuit of being a global leading institution.
This cutting edge building houses 8 general lecture rooms and 13 multimedia lecture rooms with state-of-the-art facilities including retractable screens, projectors and computers. Huge screens are available at two of the lecture theatres.
3 reading rooms are one of the most popular study places for many students. It also features over 30 seminar rooms and breakout rooms that are equipped with a computer, whiteboard and HDTV in each room, promoting group activities and communication among students.
At the top of the building is the Reception Hall, with a stunning view of the entire campus, which can accommodate up to 200 people.
International Hall is under FLO-zone (Foreign Language Only-zone) policy, encouraging students to speak a language other than Korean.