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Application period for 2024

1. Fall Semester Daytime/Weekend Admission
  • Application Period: 24. 5. 20.(MON) ~ 24. 5. 31.(FRI) 18:00
  • Interview: 24. 6. 8.(SAT)
  • Admission Results Notification: 24. 6. 14.(FRI) 17:00
  • Registration Fee Payment: 24. 6. 17.(MON) ~ 24. 6. 21.(FRI) 16:00
  • Registration Period: 24. 7. 26.(FRI) ~ 24. 8. 2.(FRI)


1. Application method
  • ① Online application: fill in and submit application form after logging in to online application system
  • ② Submission materials: prepare the materials in the following application materials (printed materials) and mail them to the following addresses.

ADD: (03063) 90343, International Hall, 25-2, Sungkyunkwan-ro, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Korea


Admission Requirements

Applicants are required to possess:

  • A bachelor’s degree
    • Undergraduate degree or a degree from an equivalent institution
    • Should be validated before the program begins
  • Chinese or English Language Proficiency

※ Every applicant must be well-informed of the admission outline attached on the right


Admission Process

The following process will take place:


Application Document Assesment - All applicants should complete the application, answer the essay questions through our online application system, and wire transfer the non-refundable application fee. Please submit the required documents by the deadline to SKK GSC Office.


Submission - Application Documents can be submitted via air mail or in-person


Interview with Admission Committee - After an initial review of students’ application and supporting materials, successful candidates will be selected for interviews. Face-to-face interviews will be conducted in English or Chinese for a period up to 10 minutes.


Application Checklist

  • A completed and printed online application form (printed form)
  • One copy of Essay (download the form)
  • Official academic transcript from attended university/institution
  • Graduation certificates or a photocopy of diploma from attended university attended
  • Documents proving work experience and resume (if applicable)

※ We only accept original copies of documents