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About GSC

China Network

  • “3+1 Program with top business schools in China”

    SKK GSC has built close relationship with Peking University and Fudan University with more than 400 students having experienced China life for one or more semesters.
    100% students entering SKK GSC have an opportunity to study at top ranked business schools in China including Peking University, Fudan University, Renmin University and Zhejiang University for one semester.
  • “Networking with professors and students of China”

    During the period of studying in China, students will communicate with excellent Chinese professors and talented Chinese students, also, they have an opportunity to interact with students from various countries.
    Students will learn the fundamentals as global business leaders while breeding a global mindset being exposed to various cultural environment.
  • “Most powerful alumni network of China business leader group”

    Graduates are working at China branch offices of Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motors, E-land and other Korea’s representative enterprises, also, some are working at China companies including Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, Xinhua News and Pengtai creating meaningful alumni network in China related business fields.