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- BLP(Daytime Course) is a program for those who want to go to graduate school immediately after gaining a bachelor's degree, or to pursue postgraduate advancement to improve their professionalism after gaining a career of 1-3 years.


- China Business Leader Program offers an optimized curriculum (concentrations in China Finance, China Marketing, China Strategy & Entrepreneurship) to train future China business leaders. After completing the Business fundamental courses, each of the students will be dispatched to China Corporate Universities according to his/her major and interests during the 3rd semester.


BLP Program

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    2 Years(4-Semester)
    ※ Dual Degree: 2.5 Years(5-Semester)
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    Credit: 42credits for graduation
    (Including 24 credits of international language)
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    Chinese, English
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    Class Time
    Monday to Friday
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    A person who wishes to be a full-time program
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    Study Abroad Program
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    (entrance fee is paid separately)
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    Starting Semester
    Spring Semester / Fall Semester



- If you meet the requirements for a degree (graduation) established by the Graduate School of China, you will be awarded a 'Master of Chinese Studies' degree.


Field of Study

- The BLP will select one of three majors: Chinese Marketing / Chinese Entrepreneurship and Strategy / Chinese Finance, and will receive a degree of different names depending on the specific major.


졸업이수 요건
Course Concentration Degree name Note
Korean English
BLP Chinese Marketing 중국학석사(중국마케팅) Master of Chinese Studies in Marketing select one of
three majors
Chinese Entrepreneurship and Strategy 중국학석사(중국창업전략) Master of Chinese Studies in Entrepreneurship and Strategy
Chinese Finance 중국학석사(중국금융) Master of Chinese Studies in Finance



- The BLP curriculum of the Department of Economic Management of China is organized into a group of subjects according to each detailed major (Marketing / Entrepreneurship and Strategy / Finance) and a common subject that does not belong to the detailed major.


 The introduction of China entrepreneurship strategy 
China Finance targets for students who are interested in China's financial system. Three aspects are particularly stressed in this major: the indroduction of China's financial institutions, the development of China's capital market and the practice in stock market investment, and the innovation of Fintech in China. 



■ In order to improve the operation and education system of this project, this education course may result in partial changes.

  • 1. 중국회계와세무
    (China Accounting and Tax)
  • 2. 중국투자론
    (China Investment)
  • 3. 글로벌재무최신이슈
    (Current topics in Global Finance)
  • 4. 중국재무관리
    (China Financial Management)
  • 5. 중국금융기관
    (China Financial Institutions)
  • 6. 중국자본시장론
    (China Capital Market)