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About GSC

Unique Curriculum

  • “The curriculum is subdivided by Four business fields.”

    SKK GSC offers specialized education to incubate China business leaders and the curriculum is subdivided by fields : China Finance, China Marketing and China Strategy & Entrepreneurship.
    Building on the strong foundation of business core courses, students can opt for Finance, Marketing, Strategy & Entrepreneurship or Management by taking elective courses.
    SKK GSC offers diverse selection of elective courses that enable students to uniquely define their educational and career objectives.
  • “China focused curriculum”

    SKK GSC offers education specialized in China including "China Venture", "China Financial Practice" and "China Field Trip".
    Especially, by participating in “China Field Trip”, students can study and deduce a solution about local enterprises and experience on-the-spot study of business fields in China.
    In addition, SKK GSC offers practical education courses like “Intellectual Property Financing”, “Fin Tech” to cultivate global business leaders who understand China and put knowledge to pragmatic Chinese business fields.
  • “The best faculty”

    SKK GSC provides students with the individualized instruction programs by the faculty from globally top-ranked business schools. Professors deliver high-impact knowledges based on their thorough understanding of China business.
    SKK GSC’s adjunct professors from global enterprises provide students with the opportunity to learn about the real business fields.
    Also, SKK GSC invites excellent professors from prestigious universities such as Peking University and Fudan University to provide students with the most advanced international business theories while attaching great importance to the practical application of these skills in China.