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China W-BLP (Weekend)


- W-BLP(Weekend Course) is suitable for those who have more than 5 years of work experience. The curriculum aims to improve the professionalism and authority of the employees, and provides practical education and projects with high practicability.

- W-BLP is designed to train as a CEO for Chinese business and people who are managing Chinese Business or will be associated with business areas of China. We provide an optimized curriculum where students can understand management theory and find practical solutions about real business issues.


W-BLP Program

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    2 Years(4-Semester)
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    Credit: 42credits for graduation
    (Including 18 credits of international language)
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    Chinese, English
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    Class Time
    Friday(night)/Sat/Sun class
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    A person who wishes to study and work together
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    Study Abroad Program
    Not Necessary
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    (entrance fee is paid separately)
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    Starting Semester
    Spring Semester / Fall Semester



- If you meet the requirements for a degree (Graduation) established by the Graduate School of China, you will be awarded a 'Master of Chinese Studies' degree.


Field of Study

- W-BLP is operated as a 'China Management' (Single major) without any specific major.


졸업이수 요건
Course Concentration Degree name Note
Korean English
W-BLP Chinese Management 중국학석사(중국경영) Master of Chinese Studies in Management Single major



- The curriculum aims to improve the professionalism and authority of the employees, and provides practical education and projects with high practicability.


분야 학수번호 한글명 英文名
마케팅 GSC5220 중국빅데이터분석

China Big data Analytics


중국빅데이터마케팅 Big Data Marketing in China
GSC5229 중국소비자마케팅 Politics and Economy in China
GSC5131 중국마케팅전략 China Marketing Strategy
GSC5237 중국마케팅조사 China Marketing Research
GSC5242 글로벌마케팅최신이슈 Current topics in Global Marketing
금융 GSC5194 중국금융기관경영 Financial Institution Management in China
GSC5205 중국투자전략 China Investment Strategy
GSC5226 중국회계실무 China Accounting Practice
GSC5228 중국증권거래실무 China Stock Market Investment
GSC5252 중국디지털금융 China Digital Finance
GSC5245 글로벌재무최신이슈 Current topics in Global Finance
GSC5196 중국기업재무관리실무 Corporate Strategy in China
창업·전략 GSC5197 중국기업전략 China International Management Practice
GSC5199 중국비즈니스이노베이션 China Business Innovation
GSC5215 중국기업국제경영실무 China International Management Practice
GSC5243 글로벌매니지먼트최신이슈 Current topics in Global Management
GSC5171 중국혁신경영 Innovation Management in China
GSC5240 중국기업전략경영 Chinese Corporate Strategic Management
GSC5248 중국조직행동론 Chinese Organizational Behavior
공통 GSC5170 중국경제법실무 China Economic Law Practice
GSC5202 중국최신이슈세미나 Seminar on Current Issues in China
GSC5207 중국정치와경제 Politics and Economy in China
GSC5257 중국협상전략실무 Chinese Negotiation Strategy Practice
GSC5217 중국역사와문화 History and Culture in China
GSC5221 중국현지법인운영실무 China Entity Operation Practice
GSC5214 한중빅데이터와핀테크혁신
Bigdata and Fintech Innovation in Korea 
and China
GSC5233 한중AI비즈니스 AI Business in Korea and China
GSC5253 현대중국사회변동과한중관계발전 Transformation of Modern Chinese Society and Development of China-Korea Relationship
GSC5259 중국혁신산업실무  Chinese Innovation Industry Practice
GSC5255 중국지식재산권관리실습 Chinese Intellectual Property Management Practice