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Meet our Alumi

SKK GSC Graduates are performing an active role as China business leaders in both Korea and China working at global enterprises and China companies creating powerful alumni network of China business leader group.


bg alumni
Choi, Go Eun, KOTRA

Choi, Go Eun, KOTRA

Think Global Act Local

SKK GSC’s Study-Abroad Program was the most attractive one which allows me to receive education in both Korea and China. I chose SKK GSC because I could get knowledge in China management and economics, also learn and experience Chinese language and Chinese culture.
Through GSC’s China Business Leader Program, I could learn the stream of world economy and business combined with the China market and it encouraged me to nurture mind of ‘Think Global and Act Local'.
These learnings and experiences have allowed me to work in KOTRA(Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) and my next goal is to develop business model which contributes to the vitalization of Korea-China’s mutual FDI (Foreign Direct Investment).


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Kim, Ji Chan, Samsung Electronics

Kim, Ji Chan, Samsung Electronics

China Focused Curriculum

You can study with excellent faculty, rigorous curriculum, and talented students at SKK GSC. I think it was unforgettable experience to have presentations and attend forum with talented Chinese students and communicate with Chinese faculty.
The professors delivered knowledges which help to understand China’s economic system developed through economic reform and it deepened my understanding on Chinese society and culture.
Now I am working at Samsung Electronics designing my future to play an active role in China market.


bg alumni

Lee, Gyu Chan, Samsung Life Insurance

China Business Leader Program

Before entering SKK GSC, I was working on China business in Samsung, but it was limited to learn deeply about China. I applied for SKK GSC through the company’s education support program, and I could get an opportunity to deepen my knowledge for China’s political, economic and social issues.
I believe SKK GSC is different from other schools in that curriculum is well organized and focused on China and having strong network with top business schools in China.
According to the conclusion of the FTA and opening of financial market, China market is getting more important for Korea economy.
I will keep trying to become a China business leader based on the learnings and experiences from SKK GSC China Business Leader Program.


bg alumni

Han, Ji Min, Renmin University

Dream for China Economy Specialist

SKK GSC has been committed to educate practical China business courses encouraging students to acquire practical business skills and knowledges.
Also, SKK GSC is differentiated from other schools in that all classes are taught in Chinese or English encouraging students to adapt in international environment.
Currently, I am taking a doctoral degree course at Renmin University of China. GSC program helped me a lot to understand the pros and cons of China market and the stream of world economy.
During the doctoral course, I would like to further study and deepen my knowledge on China to become a specialist in China economy.