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About GSC

Dean's Message

SKKU Graduate School of Chinese Studies

Welcome to the homepage.


The First China Business Leader Program in Korea.


Since we have launched China business leader program in 2005, we have been committed to develop China management professionals. More than 300 students experienced China business schools and achieved dual-degree from Peking or Fudan University. Graduates are now actively engaging in various business fields as China experts. Now, we are striving to make further step forward to train practical “Business Leaders” who will lead the upcoming Korea-China Business.

SKK GSC provides 4 tracks, which are China Finance, China Marketing, China Strategy & Entrepreneurship and China Management. We also provide education which can be practically used in the real business world such as “Targeting China domestic market”, “China Capital Market Investment”, and “China Entrepreneurship.” Especially, we encourage our students to take entrepreneurship courses. Currently, there are numerous startup companies emerging around Zhongguancun(中关村) in Beijing and Shenzhen areas. They are the key engines for the growth of global enterprises such as Alibaba, Huawei and Xiaomi. We put more focus on China entrepreneurship and it will be the important fundamentals to nurture young talents who will lead the future China Business.

“One Belt, One Road” is the national strategy proposed by the president of China, Xi Jinping, which represents the new growth power that ties Central Asia and Europe with overland route and ties South-East Asia and Africa with sea route. Also, It is closely related with “China Dream” of Xi Jinping government. We are planning to explore the route starting from Xi’an, where “Silk Road” originated, and walk through Qinghai and Xinjiang. “GSC One Belt, One Road Project” will give students opportunity to experience China business fields encouraging them to build their own “China Dream”

SKK GSC has a long-term vision to develop China-Biz Korean Platform. In then years, the China business leader will be treated equally as the one who is leading the global business, and we will strive to cultivate responsible global business leaders who play an active role in the global business fields.

We always welcome and encourage you to explore our unique program and hopefully to seize a wonderful opportunity to get along with global business leaders to become a global leader by yourself.


Dean, SKK Graduate School of China