Admission for Spring & Fall



Admission Requirements

Applicants are required to possess:

ㆍA bachelor’s degree

- Undergraduate degree or a degree from an equivalent institution-Should be validated before the program begins

* Every applicant must be well-informed of the admission outline attached on the right

Admission Process

The following process will take place:

Application Document Assesment - All applicants should complete the application, answer the essay questions through our online application system, and wire transfer the non-refundable application fee. Please submit the required documents by the deadline to SKK GSC Office.

Submission - Application Documents can be submitted via air mail or in-person

Interview with Admission Committee - After an initial review of students’ application and supporting materials, successful candidates will be selected for interviews. Face-to-face interviews will be conducted in English or Chinese for a period up to 10 minutes.

Application Checklist ㆍA completed and printed online application form (printed form)
ㆍOne copy of Essay (download the form)
ㆍEnglish or Chinese proficiency score report
ㆍOfficial academic transcript from attended university/institution
ㆍGraduation certificates or a photocopy of diploma from attended university attended
ㆍDocuments proving work experience and resume (if applicable)

* We only accept original copies of documents