China-BLP(Business Leader Program)

Understanding Pragmatic China Business Fields


수업개설 요일/시간

졸업이수 요건
Firday Saturday Sunday
AM(10:00~12:30) - Subject B (3 credits) Subject E (3 credits)
PM(1:00~3:30) - Subject C (3 credits) -
PM(4:00~6:30) - Subject D (3 credits) -
Night(8:00~10:30) Subject A (3 credits) - -


Each student can freely choose from the types of class given below

- 3 times a week (Fri/Sat/Sun): Fri Subject A + Sat Subjects BC/CD/BD + Sun subject E
- 2 times a week (Fri/Sat): Fri Subject A + Sat Subject BCD
- 2 times a week (Sat/Sun): Sat Subject BCD + Sun Subject E

Special Program/Service

- Classes thought in Chinese offer English scripts or English translation
- Tai Chi Classes take place every Saturday (08:00~09:30) (non credit class)
- Students have opportunity to participate in ‘China One-Belt, One-Road Program’ every mid-October


- SKK GSC Full-time Chinese Professors
- Scholars from top-ranked universities in China
- Onsite business specialists from Korea and China