China-BLP(Business Leader Program)

Understanding Pragmatic China Business Fields



China Business Leader Program offers an optimized curriculum (concentrations in China Finance, China Marketing, China Strategy & Entrepreneurship) to train future China business leaders. After completing the Business fundamental courses, each of the students will be dispatched to China Corporate Universities according to his/her major and interests during the 3rd semester.

China Focus

One of the SKK GSC’s most significant features is its clear focus on China, SKK GSC teaches the most advanced international business theories while attaching great importance to the practical application of these skills in China.
In addition, SKK GSC opens series of seminars dealing with the most recent China issues aiming to deepen students’ understanding of China’s business environment which is closely tied to historical, cultural background and international relations surrounding China.


All SKK GSC’s classes are taught in Chinese or English, students are required to adapt in international environment in order to improve their marketability in China.
Pre-school classes are delivered in Korean for students’ clear understanding of fundamental business courses.


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    Master of Chinese Studies
    (Finance/Mareketing/Strategy & Entrepreneurship)
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    Finance, Marketing, Strategy & Entrepreneurship
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    2 years (4 semester)
    ※Dual Degree: 2.5years(54semester)
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    Starting Semester
    Spring Semester / Fall Semester
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    Chinese, English
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    Class Time
    Monday to Friday
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    42 credits for graduation
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    (entrance fee is paid separately)