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  • Llshan Securities Museum Visit Name : 통합 관리자  Date : 2019.12.05  Hit : 233
  • Llshan Securities Museum Visit

    On the November 30th, 2019, SKKU C-MBA Professor of Finance, An Yuhua Professor, together with 13 SKKU GSC graduate students visited the Korea Securities Museum. The purpose of this visiting is to help students directly feeling  the Korea's securities history and culture, in order to get a  better understand  of the course "Chinese Capital Market Practice" taught by Professor An Yuhua. Meanwhile, the students experience a practical understanding of the stock market even they haven’t been to the stocking market  before,

    The Korea llsan Securities Museum was established in 2004,  it is the second securities museum in the world after the Swiss Securities Museum. The Llshan Securities Museum present more than 400 years history of securities,the relevant cultural relics are also well preserved there.

    The visiting to Korea Securities Museum consist of two part, for the first part Museum staff explain the history of the Korean securities market.Professor An Yuhua translated the Korean explanations into Chinese to help Taiwanese student since he can’t understand Korean well. The museum displays a collection of bonds issued by various countries over the past 100 years. Finally, each classmate issued his own bond.


    For the other part,the museum arranged a lecture for us,which is about the investment.The professor KIM explain the invest in a funny and easy way. We took a picture after the class.We all free so impressive and educated after this touring.

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