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  • The National Museum of Korea & Yongsan War memorial Hall visit Name : 통합 관리자  Date : 2019.11.20  Hit : 468
  • Graduate School of China (GSC) weekend classmates and Professor Song Deok-ho had decided to see the National Museum of Korea and Yongsan War memorial Hall part of the weekend class.  On November 17, 2019, We decided to meet at the coffee shop west of the National Museum at 10 am, but from the morning rain was soaking sweet leaves.  Our freezing hands started feeling warm as we sipped a cup of hot coffee while talking to each other.  We met with Ms. Kim Eun-hee who is the docent at the museum. Her main role is arranged routing and share the insight not only actual history but behind the scene story. It was an interesting tour to all the GSC students at this moment.

    The purpose of the tour was understanding of the historical relics of the National Museum of Korea and the Korean War history of the War memorial Hall.  Understanding the differences between Korean procelain Celadon and Chinese jade-colored Celadon is one of them. We realized that securing original technology is a global competitive power. Korean porcelain Celadon embodies a clear and elegant jade color and uses various inlay techniques.  We are praised for engraving the pattern to maximize the traditional Korean beauty.  On the other hand, China's jade -colored Celadon manufacturing technique reflects the desire to color like "jade" first.  It emphasizes the colorful colors, but is distinguished by the characteristic of having a somewhat turbid color and atmosphere. Production of advanced products that can be noticed worldwide when gaining an advantage of expressing original and delicate beauty based on accumulated technology.  We felt this was possible and it was gathered with national power.

    War can not escape from the logic of power.  Nowadays the conventions and principles for peace provide the cause of aggression for the powers of the great powers. When we saw a picture of crying girl in Korean War, one day between1950 and 1953, we finally came to our realization that we need a strong military force to ensure true peace and stability.

    Prepared by: GSC W-BLP students

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