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GSC Highlights

  • [Start-up Lecture] M+ Asia accelerator Name : 통합 관리자  Date : 2019.11.19  Hit : 156
  • Yang Hyo Jeong, who serves as vice chairman of the M+ Asia accelerator was invited for at a start-up lecture hosted by Prof. LI XIAOBEI, a professor at the Graduate School of China (GSC) on Oct. 28. The lecture focuses on the current status of the Korean start-up ecosystem and the trend and process for global investment and expansion. Among the GSC students were Chinese and Korean students who are currently starting their own businesses in China and Korea, which gave them a chance to have an overview of Korea start-up ecosystem.

    Ms Yang said, "Start-up is a big trend in the current era, and we hope that competitive Korean companies will make inroads into China and create opportunities for a bigger leap forward. Also, I hope there will be more of these courses related to start-ups in many universities in Korea." The lecture receives positive feedback from the floor.

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