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  • [12기] The shortlist of Research Assistant Name : 통합 관리자  Date : 2016.09.05  Hit : 2067
  • The shortlist of R.A.s are listed as follows. All R.A.s please contact your advisors.



    Prof. Kim Yongjune: Yoo Seulki, Seo Young

    Prof. Miao Yuzhe: Yang Chen, Yoo Youngseon

    Prof. Jin Jiafei: Lee Jayeon, Choi Saebom

    Prof. Chen Bo: Shin Jisoo

    Prof. Song Dougho: Chung Wooyoung

    Prof. An Yuhua: Jung Minyoung, Choi Yunhee


    2. The Role of R.A : Teaching and Research Assistance

    3. Work period and office hours : Sep. 1st, 2016.~Feb. 28, 2017 [6 months], 10hrs a week

    4. Education program guide : Sep. 6, 2016(Tue) 15:50~15:55, Room 90208